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With a well-planned direct mail fundraising campaign, you can raise all the money you need to operate your non-profit in a much shorter amount of time – leaving you with more time to dedicate to your mission! We have a series of proven Annual Appeal Letter templates specifically created for the non-profit sector. You can use one of these ideas, build on it, or have our art department create an effective campaign tailored to your unique fundraising needs.

We are committed to helping non-profits:
• Develop an overall strategy
• Plan a campaign to improve response
• Write an appeal letter
• Find lists of potential donors

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Within 30 minutes of requesting information online, a very knowledgeable and helpful Account Manager called. It was cheaper, faster and friendlier than any other direct mail vendor that we have ever worked with, and from a non-profit perspective, those qualities are very important. Thank you so much!
–Jennifer Nolte, Communications and Events Manager, Ronald McDonald House Charities© Wichita – Nonprofit 501 (c)(3)