Catch your next customer’s eye with
personalized letters!

Get your message out with professional personalized letters from Rocket Print & Mail — it's easy, affordable and
effective. Plus, we handle everything for you!

What industries should use personalized letters?

Personalized letters are effective for any industry, but are especially useful for:

Snap pack mailers

Real Estate

Reach buyers or sellers with your personalized message.

Snap pack template


Official-looking personalized letters mailed in window envelopes get opened right away!

Pressure seal printing


Tell prospective clients how you can help them with their specific needs.

Direct mail snap pack

Recruiting Firms

Tell prospects about your customized offer or program.

Personalized Letter Mailer FAQ

Why use personalized letters?

Personalized letters get your recipient’s attention — and generate a better response — because it feels like you are speaking to them directly.

How are they personalized?

We will merge data from your mailing list so that each letter is customized to the person receiving it. Using variable data printing technology, each letter can include unique information meant specifically for its recipient.

What is your turnaround time?

In most cases we can print your personalized letters within just a few days! Give us a call and we can tell you whether or not we can make your deadline.

How much do they cost?

Personalized letters cost as little as 27 cents per piece, which includes printing, folding, and window envelope!

We run specials often. Call now for our lowest prices! 1-800-442-0112

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