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RocketPrint/a PostcardMania Company Reviews & Complaints

Read 42 real reviews and complaints from RocketPrint/a PostcardMania Company clients and see if working with them is worth it…

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  • A couple of years ago our office was doing approximately 30 new patients a month. We were with another printing company who was doing just what I asked for. Then I received this postcard from RocketPrint, so I thought I would try them. Well new patients started to go up. I would have meetings with Maggie at RocketPrint and we would go over our statistics on new patients. Well now its been a couple of years and we are consistently getting between 90-125 new patients monthly. Having this many new patients has changed our practice and brought it to a new level. Production has gone up 300% and collections has gone up 300%.
  • I love how you are approaching this. You are the first firm that is trying to understand my business and create a marketing plan around that. Thank you for all your work.
  • Thanks to everyone at RocketPrint for helping WQYK with our Radio Bingo promotion. You jumped through hoops to get this project completed on time and it paid off... WQYK's ratings during this promotion were huge! We can’t wait for the next one!
  • We just had our biggest one day sale EVER! using rocketmail. I did review the barcoded envelopes and they will help us even more.
  • This was by far one of the best marketing pushes that we have tried. The response was perfect and we have been generating some appointments and leads. We will definitely be doing more of these in the future!
  • We have enjoyed a great deal of success so far in our efforts with your company. Our response rate is running 3-4 times what I am told is the normal .5 – 1% response rate for similar mailings. This of course, is very good for our business and is providing a key component to our growth plans. We look forward to continuing this program and just wanted to say thanks!!
  • We received our packet of newsletters today and they look great, thank you all so much for your work on these and getting them out the door this week. Best of all, we’ve already been contacted about our offer included on the insert by a recipient on the mailing list
  • Rocketprint & Mail delivers a high quality newsletter to all our patients on time and on budget! Thanks!
  • Just got the postcards, they look GREAT! Thank you to you and your team for the great work. We will definitely spread the word on your behalf. We also look forward to working with you again.
  • You are very good at what you do and I appreciate your support as I grow my business and become one of the industry's leading women!!! We will be successful together :)
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